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Should OpenSuse be part of the Big Three Distributions. On Distrowatch it is currently being beaten by Mint, Mageia, Ubuntu, Fedora, and Debian and I am not aware of any members of WPLUG currently using OpenSuse as their main Distro.

When I wrote that section, it was to point new users toward suitable distributions. My criteria were that it was widely used, solidly established, and had a sizeable community behind it that could provide support. I specifically left off Debian because I wasn't sure it was easily approachable by new users. Mageia I thought wasn't well established enough. I don't know enough about Mint... if you think it's something you would recommend to random people who might visit this page, go ahead and add it! And if you disagree on my assessments of the others, they can be added as well! Just keep in mind this is to steer people toward a distribution they are likely to have success with when they're just starting out. - Vance 22:31, 2 September 2012 (UTC)