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Venue Info[edit]

Meeting to be held at Crazy Mocha at 2100 Murray Avenue in Squirrel Hill, Pittsburgh, PA 15217. 6:00pm, Tuesday, October 4, 2011.


  • Approve minutes of August 30 board meeting
  • Discuss potential nominees
  • Vice Chair would like to discuss
    • Software Freedom Day.
      • Next Software Freedom Day
      • Create a Project/Committee to organize.
    • Head of the Internet Committee
      • Director at Larges' review/revision of specs I emailed him
    • Any other topics of discussion
  • List your item here


The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Western Pennsylvania Linux Users Group was held on Tuesday, October 4, 2011, at 6:20 PM, at Crazy Mocha in Squirrel Hill. In the absence of the regular presiding officer, Jim Harris was elected as chair pro tem. The regular Secretary was present. The minutes of the August 30, 2011 meeting were approved as read.

The Secretary reported that there are currently 26 members and that the Chair intended to be present for the October 8 nomination meeting.

The Treasurer reported that the balance in the checking account was $745.67. The refreshment fund contains $35.12.

The Director-at-Large reported that Software Freedom Day was successful in reaching the public. He also reported that he had not yet reviewed the job descriptions for committee chairman.

The Program Committee reported that speakers and topics were still needed for the January and February general user meetings.

The idea of dividing up the membership list and contacting each one individually to encourage them to attend the nomination meeting was discussed. Vance Kochenderfer volunteered to send a portion of the membership list to each officer.

The meeting adjourned at 6:54 PM.

Vance Kochenderfer
Secretary, Western Pennsylvania Linux Users Group

(Approved on November 1, 2011 - VK)