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Meeting called to order at 7:20PM

Reading of last meeting's minutes. Minutes were read and approved as corrected.

Officer reports:

Chair Nothing

Vice Chair Did not contact goodwill computer or PTC but plans to do so.


Membership roles are not current. What is pending: 1. Pat Barron's membership dues were never received even though he said he mailed a check 2. Nine people pledged that they would renew when the last membership drive was conducted in September 2007. None of those people renewed. 3. Roles need to be uploaded to the linode server.

The secretary asked what are the rules regarding the membership date for lapsed members. The chair will research this item.


Paid Ted $57 for mailbox Checking account has $734.38 as of March 1, 2008 Updated Linode account so that the Debit card will be charged The bank does not accept deposits on ATM machines Mike offered to go to the bank during business hours if needed

Member at Large Ted bought a new router but did not bring the receipt for it. $60 was approved in December.

Committee Reports 1. Program 3/5 GUM was changed to 3/29. We will plan to hold a business meeting. Ted and Beth Lynn will continue to contact the 3/5 speaker to confirm availability for 3/29. Ted has alternative programs in mind. April 5 will be an installfest April 23 is a tentative date for table topics "Why do this for free?" May 18 will be the picnic Ideas for larger special event were discussed.

2. Public Relations intends on working on a 2008 pamplet

3. Internet Wiki is in a transitional state. New users have trouble posting. Patrick had problems posting too. Mike proposed that we install a different flavor of wiki. The wplug-bsd list is dead but not deleted. Beth Lynn suggested we experiment with list moving with the wplug-bsd list. DNS has not been moved to linode. WPLUG has a google calendar

3.Investigating nothing

4. Newsletter Has been dormant since 12

5. Erie LUG IRC meeting 2/17 David Ostroske, Dave Kraus, and Vance was present to represent wplug. ErieLUG was interested in speaker trading.

Unfinished business None

New business Mike proposed a social event. Forward Lanes in Sq Hill can give us a group rate.

Meeting adjourned at 9:03PM