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  1. Minutes from Previous Meeting
  2. Officer Reports
    1. Chair - Patrick Wagstrom
      1. Elections will happen at June 9th meeting
      2. Pittsburgh Perl Mongers have asked for help with Pittsburgh Perl Workshop
    2. Vice Chair - Vance Kochenderfer
    3. Secretary - Bill Moran
    4. Treasurer - Beth Lynn Eicher
    5. Member at Large - Beth Lynn Eicher
  3. Committee Reports
    1. Program
      1. Next meeting on June 9th in NSH 3002 - speaker is Mike Skowvron
      2. Picnic is in August
      3. Do we want to consider a larger scale installfest in late July / Early August?
    2. Public Relations
    3. Internet
      1. Patrick looked at a few VPS options, tektronic.net and johncompanies. The former is cheaper ($20/mo), the latter is rock solid and well regarded ($35ish/mo).
    4. Investigating
    5. Newsletter
  4. Unfinished Business
  5. New Business


  1. Call to order: 7:38
  2. Minutes from March: Approved with minor edits.
  3. Officer Reports
    1. Chair
      1. Can not attend June 9th elections -> Vance to handle chair duties
      2. PPM have asked for help with perl workshop
      3. Pgh tech council -> not interested in meeting
      4. WPLUG involved with summer slam?
      5. Would perl mongers be interested in barcamp? Patrick to contact.
    2. Vice Chair
      1. Sent letter to Post Gazette
      2. Vance has t-shirts for swag
    3. Secretary
      1. Membership records are being updated
    4. Treasurer
      1. Have not seen any recent bank statements
      2. Patrick gave Beth his PO box key
  4. Committee reports
    1. Program committee
      1. May is not a good time for an installfest (picnics, other stuff)
      2. May could be a good time for the picnic for 2008
      3. Beth investigating other venues (2 libraries with too many stairs)
      4. Squirrel Hill is booked far in advance
      5. Jared from PTC has expressed openness to allow us to have meetings there.
      6. It would be interesting to have ~4 meetings /year outside of CMU
      7. Meeting June 9, NSH 3002 I/O talk on FS perf/etc Mike Skowvren
        1. Promo this to SNAPgh
        2. We need an RSVP@wplug so we know how many people are going to show
      8. Picnic will happen in August
      9. Greg Akins: would like a repeat of the Coding Dojo event
        1. Late July/Early August (scheduled for August)
        2. Can we well publicize this?
        3. Patrick will have a bunch of Ubuntu CDs
        4. Maybe set up a "classroom session" with Ubuntu: Follow along
          1. Need additional volunteers to help out
          2. Publicize it with Ubuntu
      10. We should move the October meeting: Probably to the 20th
      11. Picnic is on Aug 5
      12. Still need meeting topic for July 14
    2. PR committee
      1. Called Bernie/left voicemail/Pgh TiE -- 3rd/4th week of June
      2. Survey : waiting for input
      3. Linux phrase book - we have as a givaway
      4. Vance to send out reminder regarding survey
      5. Ted & Brian were turned down for the sprout fund
    3. Internet
      1. Either tektronic.net or johncompanies. tt = $20/mo, jc = $35/mo
      2. Patrick to check out PAIR
      3. Beth to check out aspstation
      4. Beth to migrate DNS to Joker
    4. Newsletter
      1. April issue is out. May issue looking for submissions
    5. Erie LUG
      1. We should offer to give a talk in Erie
  5. New Business
    1. IRC: Informal member meetings: Wednesday 6th from 7:00 - 8:00 PM Candidates should be there in case of question
    2. Patrick Announce contest, Deadline July 1, Will be prize. Feel free to use content management system, etc
    3. Member profiles: what kind of questions to ask
    4. It was moved to remove the wplug-bsd mailing list. The motion passed unanimously.
    5. Bill should have a password for wplug-members
    6. Dave O. should be removed from wplug-board
  6. Adjourned at 8:58.