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  1. Minutes from Previous Meeting
  2. Officer Reports
    1. Chair - Patrick Wagstrom
    2. Vice Chair - Vance Kochenderfer
    3. Secretary - Bill Moran
    4. Treasurer - David Ostroske
    5. Member at Large - Beth Lynn Eicher
  3. Committee Reports
    1. Program
    2. Public Relations
    3. Internet
    4. Investigating
    5. Newsletter
  4. Unfinished Business
  5. New Business


  1. CTO 7:45
  2. All attending
  3. No minutes
  4. Officer reports
    1. Chair
      1. barcamp: suggestion to play along with summerslam. Not a lot of interest. Efforts to coordinate with other groups have met with little response.
      2. Pete @ medsphere possibly interested if we get more involvement from the medical community (OpenVista)

LugRadio Live is not happening

    1. Vice Chair
      1. Vance:
      2. Survey swag: Pretence hall willing to provide book/books.
    2. Secretary
      1. No report
    3. Treasurer:
      1. Paypal: We don't owe Paypal any money. Account is closed.
  1. Committee reports
    1. Program
      1. Topic for April, tentative volunteer for June (Linux IO subsystem)
      2. May: Still planning
      3. We should wiki arrangements as soon as we know the exact date -- planning for either 6th or 20th
      4. Next installfest in June or July (whichever one isn't the LIOS talk)
      5. Need to find something for August
      6. Snapgh interested in partnering with us for Team 1 field trip -- May might be a good time
      7. Patrick to confirm room assignment w/ Ted
    2. PR
      1. TiE is still interested in doing "happy hour" event. Vance to get in touch with Bernie regarding venue.
      2. WPLUG needs new business cards
      3. Patrick to email Greg/Matt/Bill/BL with the URL to look at the survey
      4. emailing geek night with a logo can get us some representation -- BL to track down
    3. Internet
      1. ASPStation price $150/month to colo
      2. We need to set a date to kill existing Penguin: "Operation: murder the Penguin" by Aug 1.
    4. Investigating
    5. Newsletter
      1. Books from Oreilly + Prentece hall + Wiley all out to have reviewed
  2. Unfinished business:
    1. Review of 1 year goals:
    2. Good idea to feature members in TOP
    3. Moved that WPLUG allocate funds for two t-shirt for member appreciation. Unanimously approved.
    4. Substituting LUGRadio with barcamp
    5. Bill to send out reminder emails for nomination meeting -- request for volunteers.
    6. Patrick: Reminder email regarding BL talk
  3. New business:
    1. How can we schedule specific times for IRC stuff?
    2. Contest to make WPLUG web site sexy
  4. 9:34 Adjourned