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  1. Minutes from Previous Meeting
  2. Officer Reports
    1. Chair - Patrick Wagstrom
    2. Vice Chair - Vance Kochenderfer
    3. Secretary - Bill Moran
    4. Treasurer - David Ostroske
    5. Member at Large - Beth Lynn Eicher
  3. Committee Reports
    1. Program
    2. Public Relations
    3. Internet
    4. Investigating
    5. Newsletter
  4. Unfinished Business
    1. Beth Lynn is to empty the Paypal account and close it.
    2. Bill to investigate a captcha plugin for Wiki PGedia to be used for the creation of new accounts and anonymous edits.
    3. The current Paypal links on the WPLUG site will be replaced with a recommendation that payment be sent to the PO box.
    4. LugRadio Live. Patrick to research possibility of partnering with Google.
    5. Patrick to research the possibility of WPLUG hosting a barcamp.
    6. The WPLUG survey: SWAG?
  5. New Business


  1. CTO: all members present: 7:44
  2. Jan and Feb minutes approved (change quited to quieted)
  3. PO box was renewed for $31 in Feb and Patrick was reimbursed
  4. officer reports
    1. Chair: been busy, stuff seems to be running "OK"
      1. Aplogize for the meeting problem on the 20th 90% of the people couldn't make it: need RSVP for next time to ensure good attendance
      2. There is a Mac UG in Monroeville
    2. Vice Chair
      1. Quiet: some newbie questions on the info@ list, but not many serious bites.
      2. Vance does not have a LightScribe burner
      3. Does not anticipate need for WPLUG funds
      4. Brochures: no pricing yet: Scribus can generate CMYK
    3. Secretary
      1. Still getting caught up
    4. Treas
      1. $295.34 in cash box
      2. Paypal amounts did show up in the account
      3. Account balance on Feb 16: $467.89
      4. Refreshment fund: $73.24
      5. Have not gotten in contact with Tolven Health Care yet
    5. Director at Large
      1. Interested in organizing 1 day for "women in OSS" to see who shows up: expect it to take a significant amount of planning/recruitment. Ladies only event. Seems to be a comfort problem keeping women away in general. Potential for yearly event. BL is requesting the support of the board.
      2. A little slower getting back in to the groove than expected
    6. committee reports
      1. Program
        1. Ted R. been doing great job so far
        2. It'd be nice to redo the Team 1 – need a month's planning and RSVP
        3. Potential for someone to talk about qemu and kvm
        4. Should probably move the picnic to May because rooms are nearly impossible to get in May. Sunday is generally better than Saturday for the picnic.
        5. I think we do a better job of lining up stuff in advance if we line stuff up in advance.
        6. Michael Skowvron may do a talk on kernel scheduling.
        7. Patrick to talk to Tom Jones about Tolven
        8. Patrick to research company that uses Vista
      2. PR
        1. LiveCD is "doing their own thing"
        2. Cert study group: not much going on really
        3. Survey: no progress
        4. TiE Pgh: trying to get some kind of joint happy hour event – possibly coordinate with geek night, but geek night is sometimes "beyond capacity". Will propose June's geek night.
        5. Dave provided Vance fliers from TiE summit
      3. Internet
        1. BL: Penguin: welcome worn out at SCS. Could relocate to ECE. IC to research new locations and possible costs.
        2. Formal tie would be better than informal tie with SCS
      4. Investigating
        1. Still don't know if Mike H. is on IC or not. BL will see him soon.
      5. Newsletter
        1. Been in touch with 3 publishers getting book reviews. 5 book reviews outstanding. 1 draft review already in.
        2. business as usual
    7. Unfinished businesses
      1. Paypal is empty/confirmed.
      2. Have not research CAPTCHA plugin
      3. Membership page has been has had paypal link removed
      4. LUGRadio Live. Still waiting on Chris and Google. BL will attempt to follow up with Chris.
      5. WPLUG hosting barcamp. (Pittsburgh hosting barcamp, not WPLUG) will be on discussion for next user group powwow. We want this to be a team effort with other groups (dorkbot). Dru Sealy on mailing list is associated with dorkbot. Need lots of small rooms. Patrick to find date for next UG meeting.
      6. Suggestions for SWAG for WPLUG survey.
      7. Patrick moves spending up to $100 on prizes for wplug survey, Dave seconded. Passed with no opposition. ###On your honor, please only take the survey once – part of document rules.
    8. New businesses
      1. More ideas on women in open source: May be a local chapter of society of women engineers. WPLUG may provide funding. BL will post on WPLUG-announce@.
      2. Dave O. resigning. Motion to accept Dave O.s resignation from the board and as treasurer with thanks for his service to WPLUG. Carried
      3. Move that we call a special election to fill the treasurers position with noms in May and election in June. No objection.
      4. Move that BL serve as treasurer in interim until replacement is found. No objection.
      5. Move to amend previous adopted motion: Noms in April, election in May. No objection.
  5. Moved to adjourn: Adjourned at 10:17.