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WPLUG is the Western Pennsylvania Linux Users Group, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA. The official founding of the group is dated to September 26, 1997 at 11:37:08 EDT.

We are a not-for-profit organization that provides collaboration resources (including mailing lists and this very wiki), monthly presentations and quarterly installfests, for Linux users of all backgrounds.

Experienced Linux users are welcome; curious persons wanting to see what Linux is all about are welcome -- There are no requirements to join our lists. However, the discussions will be oriented to Linux and other Free and Open Source Software.

Most of our members are from the local area, but we do have list participants from far-flung locations. If you are looking for something in Northwestern PA, ErieLUG is alive and active.

You can contact us by e-mailing info@wplug.org, or by postal mail to:

PO Box 81685
Pittsburgh, PA 15217

What is Linux?

Linux is a kernel, the core of a computer operating system, created by Linus Torvalds. It is typically packaged as a distribution, which includes the extra programs necessary to make a computer functional and useful. Since 1991, it has grown from a one-man project which ran on one computer to one with thousands of contributors running on everything from personal organizers to million-dollar supercomputers.

What are Open Source and Free Software?

Open Source and Free Software provide you, the user, with the opportunity to see the source code of the programs you use. You are free to use it, share it with others, and even make changes to it if you wish. While the Free Software and Open Source communities differ in their philosophical approach, in practical terms they share nearly identical goals.