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2013 Meeting Schedule

Unless specified otherwise, WPLUG's 2013 general user meetings will take place on the second Saturday of each month.

Since the second Saturday of September is Yom Kippur, the Jewish new year, the WPLUG board of directors will attempt to reschedule September's GUM. No alternative date has been announced yet.

2013 Events

WPLUG is an organization of experienced Linux users. Since our InstallFest events cater to new users, the board is considering whether to replace Installfest with events that are more suited to WPLUG's target audience. Current ideas include:

  • Open culture-fest
  • Attending a technology convention
  • Getting together to watch coverage of a major technology event like Google I/O
  • Programming events where WPLUG members would contribute to an open source project

The board is also interested in planning general social events.

If you have any suggestions for events, feel free to post them on the WPLUG-plan mailing list: [1]