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This is a page to keep track of maintenance, cleanups, etc. that need to be done here on the wiki. To help keep things straight, use the following format.

Items to be done go under the Things to do category in a bulleted list, e.g. this:

* De-fromulate the snogosticator


  • De-fromulate the snogosticator

When the item is complete, move it under the Things done category and sign it with four tildes, like this:

* De-fromulate the snogosticator - ~~~~

which becomes

  • De-fromulate the snogosticator - Vance 16:49, 24 September 2008 (UTC)

Things to do

  • Create pages for older (pre-wiki) meetings in Past Meetings. Contact a board member to obtain the HTML files from the old server for content.
  • Place a link somewhere to the WPLUG LDP mirror for reference
  • Produce a friendly list of uploaded slide presentations. They can be found by going to the File List and searching for "pres".
  • Make links to slide presentations from the page for the meeting where it was delivered.

Things done

  • none yet!