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Minutes for WPLUG Board Meeting Thursday September 22, 2005, 7:00 PM John Harvard's Brew House, 3466 William Penn Highway, Monroeville

CALL TO ORDER The meeting was called to order at 7:25 PM. A recess was called at 7:51, meeting reconvened at 8:11

Board members present at the meeting were:

  • Beth Lynn Eicher, Chair
  • Mark Dalrymple, Secretary

Also in attendance:

  • David Ostroske
  • Vance Kochenderfer
  • Steve Hancock
  • John Vukovic

1. Reading and approval of the minutes The minutes for September 8th, 2005 were adopted

Next meeting: A virtual meeting, October 3, 2005

2. Reports of Officers, Boards, and Standing Committees There were none.

3. Reports of Special Committees There were none.

4. Special Orders There were none.

5. Unfinished business and general orders There were none.

6. New business

Resolved, That an Election Special Rule of Order be adopted as follows:

Each voting member may rate any number of nominees in a manner that assigns to each nominee 1, 2, or 3 points. Members may also write in unnominated candidates' names and assign 1, 2, or 3 points to each write-in candidate.

(Such write-in candidates are treated as identical to nominees for the voting method, but write-in candidates are permitted to serve as election tellers, as they may not have known in advance that they received points.)

A voting member expresses consent for a nominee by giving the nominee a rating. Only nominees who have been rated by a majority of the voters can possibly be elected.

Counting is performed by adding up the point totals for each nominee. The nominees with the highest point totals shall be declared elected, subject to the consent condition mentioned above. Director seats will be filled in the order of the highest point totals first.

In case of ties, the nominees with higher numbers of 3-point ratings shall prevail. Further ties shall be broken by counting 2-point ratings, 1-point ratings, and finally by using a random number generator.

The motion carried.

Resolved, That an Absentee Balloting Special Rule of Order be adopted as follows:

    When absentee ballots are to be used for voting, they shall be
    opened and counted at a regular meeting. The Secretary shall
    notify the membership at least 21 days prior to such a vote
    including a description of the matter to be voted upon.
    The Secretary shall create a ballot which includes the
    particulars of the resolution or election which is the subject
    of the vote and shall transmit a copy of the ballot to the
    membership at least 14 days, but no more than 28 days, prior to
    the voting meeting. Any instructions or other materials
    necessary for the vote shall be included with the ballot. Votes
    may be cast from the time ballots are distributed until the
    polls are closed at the voting meeting. The Secretary shall
    receive all absentee ballots cast and bring these to the voting
    meeting but may not unseal them.
    At the voting meeting, the Members shall select two or more
    tellers from among themselves to unseal the ballots and count
    the vote. The secrecy of each Member's vote shall be maintained.
    The tellers shall provide a verifiable report summarizing the
    vote. The report shall contain full vote totals unless otherwise

The motion carried.

    Resolved, That a Newsletter Committee Special Rule of Order be
    adopted as follows:
    A Newsletter Committee shall be appointed by the newly-elected
    Board, promptly after taking office. Its duties shall include
    the publication of a monthly newsletter reporting on WPLUG and
    open source activities in the region. This committee shall
    provide regular reports to the Board and to the membership.

The motion carried.

    Resolved, That an IRC Virtual Meetings Special Rule of Order be
    adopted as follows:
    The Board and all committees may conduct meetings via Internet
    Relay Chat (IRC). The meeting chair shall create a moderated,
    invite-only channel in which the meeting will take place and
    shall be the sole channel operator. The meeting chair shall add
    participants to the channel after confirming their true
    identity. At the commencement of the meeting, a roll call shall
    be held with all participants identifying themselves by handle
    and by full name. All votes shall be conducted by roll call.
    Participants shall seek recognition on the channel by the
    meeting chair and shall wait to be publicly recognized before
    speaking. A text file of the IRC log of the meeting shall be
    included as an attachment to the minutes.

The motion carried

    Resolved, That the vacancy of Chair of the Investigating  

Committee will be filled as follows:

    Pending unanimous board vote, Michael Hansell will be appointed chair of the Investigating Committee until the new board takes office. His duties are listed in the current bylaws under section 7.3 The new board upon taking office may decide to keep this appointment in effect.

The motion carried

    Resolved, That accepting pre-registered for membership as members of WPLUG will be as follows:
    All of those who are listed in the pre-registered for membership
    database as of 5pm on Thursday September 22, 2005 will be considered
    for membership of WPLUG. Each name will be reviewed for unanimous board
    approval. The Secretary will announce if anyone has contacted him
    stating that they do not wish to accept membership. For those who are
    accepted, their dues will be considered current for one year from
    Thursday September 22, 2005.

The secretary reported that no one has contacted him to decline membership. The motion carried. The list of pre-registered members is: Paul Bialozor, Jonathan Billings, Steven Boffardi, Ryan Brown, Stephen Carter, Evelyn Chao, Dan Cielecy, Michael Conlon, Mark Dalrymple, Brough Davis, Phil Dorsey, Warren Dukes, Beth Lynn Eicher, Bill Eicher, Bobbie Eicher, Matthew Engel, Richard Farina, Stephen Hancock, Michael Hansell, Matthew Hughes, Duncan Hutty, Vance Kochenderfer, John Koczko, Scott Kriebel, Bill Lavin, Arnaud Loos, Kolt Loughran, Vicki McPherson, Bob Mente, Bill Moran, James Moran, Richard Neese, Michael P. O'Connor, James O'Kane, David Ostroske, Max Putas, Ted Rodgers, Biran Sammon, Mark Sikora, Greg Simkins, David Smith, Chris Teodorski, John Vukovic, Patrick Wagstrom, and Frank Walder.

    A special committee of one or more persons be appointed by the
    WPLUG chair, with the WPLUG chair as an ex-officio member, to
    assist in reviving ErieLUG.

Motion by Beth Lynn Eicher, seconded by Mark Dalrymple. The motion carried.

    Resolved, That setting the date for the nominations meeting will be
    as follows:
    The nominations meeting will be held on October 15, 2005

The motion carried

    Resolved, That setting the date for the annual membership meeting will be as follows:
    The annual membership meeting will be held on November 5, 2005

The motion carried, pending confirmation of venue.

The board Adjourned at 9:20 PM