Saturday September 17th 2011 Software Freedom Day

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We had a very successful promotional event at the Pittsburgh Public Market. Many thanks go out to:

Jim Harris brought his 15" LCD and demonstrated "The Big Buck Bunny" for passersby! John Lewis burned OpenDisc,OpenDistro, OpenCulture dvds and marked them for us. Eli Flanagan spotlight on Foss dvds for Mac. Joe Prostko brought some Haiku cds. Nic Shembri burned OpenDisc dvds.

for contributing there time and effort that helped make this a successful event for Wplug!

We had over 40 visitors to our table. We gave away 45 dvds. PPM was a wonderful venue for this event. I believe we reached out to people who were not familiar with FOSS and were able to get some visitors to if not convert, give us a hearing and give Ubuntu or Fedora a try. Jim Harris and Eli Flanagan John and Joe did a bang up job of explaining Foss to neophytes.

Me Myself, Tux and Swag! Joe Prostko and myself viewing my laptops' display. I Show a potential convert some geek jujitsu. John Lewis, Eli Flanagan and Yours truly watch the throng of humanity pass by our booth. Even Tux Showed Up (Notice the lean), apparently our gender neutral bird got into a stash of spiked anchovies :D.