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This page is for designing a survey to help WPLUG better meet users' needs. Please edit/add questions and options as you come up with ideas.

  1. Are you a member of WPLUG Y/N?
    1. If not, why not? _____________________________
  2. How many WPLUG activities per year do you attend?
    1. None
    2. 1-5
    3. 5-10
    4. 10+
  3. What is the best time and day of the week for WPLUG meetings?
  4. What do you want and/or expect from WPLUG?
    1. Technical networking
    2. Friendship
    3. Education
    4. Career Development
    5. Classes on Linux topics
    6. Professional visibility
    7. Other _____________________________
  5. How well does WPLUG meet your expectations?
    1. Rate 1 - 5, perhaps by category
  6. What is the greatest barrier to increasing your participation in WPLUG? (fill in blank)
  7. What topics do you want to see presented?
    1. Video editing
    2. Programming
    3. System administration
    4. Other _____________________________
  8. How did you hear about WPLUG?


An idea proposed to reward people for taking the survey is to enter them in a drawing for a prize. The suggested value was in the $50 range. Suggest possible prizes below: