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This is a document which explains all of the roles of WPLUG meeting helpers who make everything a success.

Presiding Officer

  • The Chair or a board member appointment by The Chair who conducts the business at General User Meetings
  • Call the business meeting to order and adjournment
  • Calls on other board members and committee leads for their reports

Duties of Host

  • Be responsible for the time management of the meeting.
  • Do announcements (upcoming events, introduce current speaker, tell people to turn all mobiles phones off, etc.)
  • Take care of any needs of the speaker and introduce the speaker
  • Inventory consumable assets, make note if something is running low or missing.
  • Post upcoming event schedule.
  • Be vigilant and take action against any situation which may cause harm to the overall success of the meeting.


  • May not be the speaker of the day or the presiding officer.
  • Automatically part of the setup crew.
  • Is responsible for holding a smooth and orderly meeting.
  • Wears a name tag.

Duties of Co-Host

  • Be vigilant and take action against any situation which may cause harm to the overall success of the meeting.
  • Welcome all guests.
  • Take attendance and submit the report to the Secretary or meeting scribe
  • Make sure that host remembers all of the announcements
  • Step in with the host's duties if the host needs to leave the room for a bit or forgets to do something.
  • Watch kitty. If it gets full empty it and give it to the Treasurer.
  • Wears a name tag


Duties of Setup Crew

  • Be present at 10 A.M.
  • Setup of food table
  • Setup of room furniture
  • Hanging of signs by the entrances
  • Put cold beverages in the cooler
  • Make coffee


  • May be someone who is new to WPLUG
  • May be the speaker of the day
  • If anyone shows up at 10 A.M. they are automatically part of the setup crew meaning they must participate in the general setup of the event.

Duties of the -Tear-Down Crew

  • Clean up
  • Pack up
  • Because there are several eager people to help with tear down this task practically takes care of itself

Expectations of Members

  • Be friendly and mingle if so inclined
  • Show new comers around the building
  • Check in with the Co-Host and encourage others to do so
  • Be alert and report concerns to host or co-host
  • Wear a name tag if so inclined
  • Be an asset to the business meeting. Arrive promptly at 10:30 A.M. so that the board can achieve quorum.
  • This is anyone who is a dues paying member of WPLUG

Duties of the Refreshment Coordinator

  • List yourself as the "Refreshment Coordinator" on the event wiki page AT LEAST 24 hours before the event.
  • Arrive at event at least 15 minutes early.
  • Provide receipt to host or other responsible party for reimbursement.
  • Check with ? to see if beverages (pop, coffee, coffee condiments or juice) need to be purchased
  • Consider the time of the day when planning the menu. Items that have worked well are breakfast pastries, cake, hard boiled eggs, granola bars, chips, fruit, and candy.

Duties of the Meal Coordinator

  • Collect money during announcements
  • Note special order requests, if any
  • Record the decision as what is ordered
  • Calculate the amount of food needed total cash needed for order and tip
  • Listen for the phone in case the food delivery person calls
  • Keeps track of ETA for food delivery
  • Meets the delivery person outside
  • Organizes beverages in a convenient proximity to where food will be served
  • Setup the food table as a buffet or deliver the items to who ordered them directly
  • Informs everyone that the buffet is open
  • Accepts late money and places gives it to the Treasurer (only do-able when setting up a buffet)
  • May not be the speaker of the day
  • Must be able to communicate directions to the meeting location


  • Only needed for long meetings when the meal will take place at the meeting
  • The above directions give you an idea as to the work involved in getting food delivered. If you choose to get take-out or plan a pot luck, adjust the directions accordingly.