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This is a document which explains all of the roles of WPLUG meeting helpers who make everything a success.

Duties of Host

  • Be responsible for the time management of the meeting.
  • Do announcements (upcoming events, introduce current speaker, tell people to turn all mobiles phones off, etc.)
  • Take care of any needs of the speaker and introduce the speaker
  • Inventory consumable assets, make note if something is running low or missing.
  • Write schedule on the whiteboard.
  • Be vigilant and take action against any situation which may cause harm to the overall success of the meeting.


  • May not be the speaker of the day or the presiding officer.
  • Automatically part of the setup crew.
  • Is responsible for holding a smooth and orderly meeting.
  • Wears a name tag.

Duties of Co-Host

  • Be vigilant and take action against any situation which may cause harm to the overall success of the meeting.
  • Welcome all guests.
  • Take attendance and submit the report to the Secretary or meeting scribe
  • Make sure that host remembers all of the announcements
  • Step in with the host's duties if the host needs to leave the room for a bit or forgets to do something.
  • Watch kitty. If it gets full empty it and give it to the Treasurer.
  • Wears a name tag


  • May not be the speaker of the day
  • Is part of the setup crew
  • Arrives no later than 10am
  • Informs the host as they depart the meeting

Duties of Setup Crew

  • Be present at 9:30am
  • Setup of food table
  • Setup of room furniture
  • Hanging of signs by the entrances
  • Fetching ice
  • Refrigerating pop
  • Make coffee


  • May be someone who is new to WPLUG
  • May be the speaker of the day
  • If anyone shows up at 9:30am they are automatically part of the setup crew meaning they must participate in the general setup of the event.

Duties of the Pizza Troll

  • Collect money during announcements
  • Note special topping requests, if any
  • Record toping wishes and make a decision as what to order
  • Calculate the amount of pizza needed total cash needed for order and tip
  • Listen for the phone in case the pizza delivery person calls
  • Keeps track of ETA for pizza
  • Meets the delivery person outside
  • Retrieves the pop from the fridge
  • Setup the pizza buffet
  • Informs everyone that the pizza buffet is open
  • Accepts late pizza money and places it in the cashbox
  • May not be the speaker of the day
  • Must be able to communicate directions to the meeting location

Duties of the Tear-Down Crew

  • Clean up
  • Pack up
  • Because there are several eager people to help with tear down this task practically takes care of itself

Expectations of Veterans

  • Be friendly and mingle if so inclined
  • Show new comers the water cooler and restrooms
  • Open the doors upon request
  • Sign in and encourage others to do so
  • Be alert and report concerns to host or co-host
  • Wear a name tag if so inclined
  • Be an asset
  • This is anyone who's been to a WPLUG meeting before

Duties of the Donut/Bagel Gopher

  • List yourself as Gopher on the event wiki page AT LEAST 24 hours before the event.
  • Arrive at event at least 15 minutes early.
  • Provide receipt to host or other responsible party for reimbursement.