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WPLUG will have a General User Meeting and presentation on Saturday, May 12th, 2012, starting at 2pm in the auditorium (bottom floor) of the Wilkins School Community Center.

Schedule for the Day

1:30pm - Doors open, set up
2:00pm - Business Meeting
2:30pm - Featured Presentation
3:30pm - Meeting ends, everyone out. We are likely to go to D's 6pack afterward.


Name: John Lewis

Title: iproute2

Network configuration tools are useful to all Linux users from system administrator to the user in a coffee shop. The user in the coffee shop may find network configuration tools useful in overcoming difficulties with wireless networking. Most people are using a network configuration tool set that hasn't been updated in over 11 years and isn't adequate for modern networks. Come hear John Lewis speak on the modern tool set of iproute2 at Wilkins School Community Center on Saturday May 12th at 1:30 for the Western Pennsylvania Linux User Group.

Meeting Minutes


The regular meeting of the Western Pennsylvania Linux Users Group was held on Saturday, May 12, 2012, at 2:00 PM, at the Wilkins School Community Center, the regular presiding officer being in the chair and the secretary being present. The minutes of the March 10, 2012 meeting were approved as read.

The Chair reported that he has has tentatively secured Brookline library for next month's Installfest. He also reported that there is one upcoming speaker in July. It will be part two of the talk on secure shell given by Vance Kochenderfer. This will be a continuation of the first talk that will cover more advanced topics.

There is also one special announcement: Judi Galardi has resigned from the board. The board has to decide what to do yet, as either somebody will need to be elected to take her place as Director-at-Large, or else her position will remain vacated. The board will make its decision and report back in the future.

The Vice Chair has nothing to report.

The Secretary reported there are currently 17 members.

The Treasurer reported that as of last bank statement, there was $851.67 available, plus $22.65 in petty cash on hand. Currently there is $20.00 in undeposited dues and $12.27 in checks outstanding waiting to be cashed for previous expenses.

The Director-at-Large has nothing to report, as she has resigned.

The Internet Committee has nothing to report.

The Program Committee reports that there is an Installfest scheduled for next month, and that Vance Kochenderfer will be giving a talk in July about advanced secure shell. It is likely that there will be no business meeting at the next talk, due to adequate time being needed for the advanced SSH talk.

The Investigating Committee has nothing to report.

The Newsletter Committee has nothing to report.

The Public Relations Committee reports that it tried to get in touch with Nick Pinkston to update the WPLUG calendar hosted on the Pittsburgh Tech Events website. So far it has not been possible to make contact with him. It was also noted that eventually it would also be nice to have the WPLUG Google calendar integrated with the WPLUG website as well.

The Wilkins School Network Committee reported that further progress can be made after the committee hears back from Brian Seklecki.

There were no Special Orders.

There was no Unfinished Business to address.

With respect to New Business, the board voted in favor to rescind the special order with respect to the Erie LUG Revival Committee, which hasn't functioned in two years. The board then voted in favor to dissolve the Erie LUG Revival Committee.

The meeting adjourned at 2:12 PM.

Joseph Prostko
Secretary, Western Pennsylvania Linux Users Group


Meeting Staff

If you would like to volunteer to assist with this meeting, please add your name to one or more of the categories below.

  • Host: Terry Golightly
  • Co-Host: Your name here
  • Setup: Your name here, Your name here
  • Clean Up: Your name here


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