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Order of business:

1:30pm to ~2:00pm Setup
2:00pm to ~2:30pm General User Meeting
2:30pm to ~5:15pm InstallFest activities
5:15pm to ~5:30pm break down and stow gear

Curious about Free Software/Linux? Tired of spending good coin on a new rig to "upgrade" to the latest and or "greatest" that Cupertino or Redmond have to offer? Then you have come to the right place.

At an InstallFest, bring your aging/new rig and test drive a linux distribution (distro) live (run from you optical/usb drive or just install on a separate partition on your had drive and dual boot oooorrr just wipe that old Redmond install and take the plunge. Go completely Redmond free. (We understand that that is not always possible but we at WPLUG like to think positively).

Several flavors of Linux will be on hand to for you to check out. *Vendors such as Fedora, Kubuntu, Arch or Linux Mint. On hand will be knowledgeable professionals there to help your install go smoothly or help out should something should go awry.

As for hardware, WPLUG recommends hardware not older than 5 years. Keep in mind that there are distributions of Linux that can run and run well on older hardware 586/686. We may not have them on media onsite, but can in most cases be downloaded over our network. However, if this is the case, you might want to post to our mailing list requesting assistance:

  • WPLUG does not endorse any particular Linux distribution.

How to help - Sign up here

LAN setup - move equipment into the building, turn on switches, deploy power and ethernet cables in a responsible manner starting at 1:30pm.

LAN cleanup - turn off switches and pack up WPLUG equipment.

Technical support staff - these are people who are willing to field questions in your area of expertise. You will wear a name tag. Your name and area of expertise will be posted conspicuously inside the meeting space.

  • Pat Barron. I can help with ... Basic installations - Fedora/Debian/CentOS
  • Your name here. I can help with ... (distribution selection, mythtv, voip, open office and word processing)
  • Your name here. I can help with ... (sound configuration, obscure hardware, graphics software, security)
  • Your name here. I can help with ... (usb drive configuration, virtualization, programming tools, backups)
  • Your name here. I can help with ... (<the name of your favorite distro>, Wine, printer/scanner setup)
  • Your name here. I can help with ... (Linux gaming, disk partitioning, configuring a modem, dual display)
  • Your name here. I can help with ... (Upgrading your hardware - memory, DVD drive, adding an additional card)
  • Your name here. I can help with ... (Laptops, databases, Linux command line, networking, CD burning)

Refreshments - reimbursements will be provided with receipts. Note that we do not have access to refrigeration at this venue.

  • Your name here, I am bringing ... Coffee, tea, hot chocolate
  • Vance Kochenderfer ... Sodas, bottled water
  • Judi Galardi. I am bringing ... 19 twinkies (in honor of "Zombieland") and a bag of pretzels.
  • Your name here. I am bringing ... (afternoon snacks such as chips or popcorn)

General cleanup - make sure we don't make a mess. This entails cleaning up after the food and trash management.