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WPLUG's 10th annual Open Source Picnic will be held at Snyder Park tentatively set from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM on Sunday, August 21,2011. The reason why we call it "Open Source" is because everyone who attends is to contribute by bringing food, helping out, or organizing activities. It will be as good as the community makes it! Plan to bring the whole family!

There are many ways to participate. Sign up under one of the categories below. If an item is unclaimed, go ahead and take it! If you think of an item that isn't listed, add it.

Be sure to RSVP below for yourself and your guests if you are coming. You need to do this even if you've signed up as bringing something.



Individuals wishing to help with setup can assist in hanging the signs, setting up picnic tables, and general preparations. Please show up at 12:30.

  • Terry Golightly
  • Your name here
  • Your name here

Clean Up

  • Terry Golightly
  • Your name here
  • Your name here


We will need prepared foods, snacks, deserts, non-alcoholic beverages, grilling meat and veggie patties, and condiments. Please note there will not be electricity at the picnic grounds.

Sign-up here with the name of your dish and your name:

  • Judi -- wplug is giving us $50.00 for food. I will buy meats and veggie burgers to grill and maybe side dishes, depending on how many people will be here. I do think people should volunteer to bring condiments, drinks and maybe fruit and/or dessert.
  • Your name here - Drinks (e.g., soda or juice)
  • Your name here - Drinks (e.g., soda or juice)
  • Your name here - Your dish
  • Your name here - Your dish
  • Your name here - Your dish


This is stuff that is needed just because you are picnicing. Sign up here with the supplies you are bringing and your name:

  • Beth Lynn Eicher - 50 foam plates
  • Beth Lynn Eicher - plenty of assorted plasticware
  • Beth Lynn Eicher - 3 plastic bowls for snacks (ie chips)
  • Beth Lynn Eicher - 1 empty veggie/fruit tray, 6 selections + 1 dip
  • Beth Lynn Eicher - 1 snack platter, shallow, no compartments, perfect for cookies or sandwich fixins
  • Beth Lynn Eicher - 1 plastic tablecloth
  • Beth Lynn Eicher - Grill with lighter fluid
  • Beth Lynn Eicher - Grilling tools
  • Vance Kochenderfer - Charcoal
  • Vance Kochenderfer - Large cooler
  • Vance Kochenderfer - 2 Lawn Chairs
  • Your name here - plastic tablecloths (2 needed)
  • Your name here - Paper Towels
  • Terry Golightly - 2 Lawn Chair 2 camping chairs foldout
  • Your name here - Cold cups
  • Your name here - Soap
  • Your name here - Your item here
  • Your name here - Your item here


  • Judi G - "Exquisite Corpse," and a game we can play with "clicks" little characters from some weird game and its game board, and a "haunted house" (three dimensional) where we can put our own little characters. We can invent our own mystery. I really enjoy it when we create games and cartoons together..."exquisite corpse" was a real hit a few years ago!
  • Beth Lynn Eicher - Basketball
  • Beth Lynn Eicher - Deck of "Flux" cards
  • Your name here - Your item or game here
  • Your name here - Your item or game here

Venue Information

Once again, the WPLUG picnic will take place at Snyder Park in Whitehall Borough. There is a covered shelter with two picnic tables. Also inside the shelter are men's and ladies' restrooms.

Ride Sharing

  • Beth Lynn will ride Tux to the picnic but Tux need a ride home.

People offering rides

  • Terry Golightly - Location(s) East End, Center City
  • Driver's name here - Location(s) you can pick people up from

People needing rides

  • Judi G - East End
  • Rider's name here - Location you need a ride from
  • Rider's name here - Location you need a ride from