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WPLUG is hosting a presentation on Saturday, May 21, 2011, starting at 1pm at the Brookline Library.

This is a joint event put on by WPLUG and the Pittsburgh Cocoaheads.

Schedule for the Day[edit]

1:00pm - Doors open, set up
1:30pm - Featured Presentation
3:00pm - Meeting ends, everyone out.


Title: GNUstep: Still Alive

Speaker: Gregory Casamento

Greg is a software engineer who has been in the industry since 1989 and grew up programming computers. He attended the University Of Maryland at College Park where he got his degree in Computer Science and also fell in love with the OPENSTEP development environment which eventually became Cocoa. Now he is the lead of the GNUstep project which has a long history which started following the OPENSTEP standard and has continued to follow Cocoa.

Meeting Staff[edit]

If you would like to volunteer to assist with this meeting, please add your name to one or more of the categories below.

  • Host: Mark Dalrymple
  • Setup: Vance Kochenderfer, Your name here
  • Clean Up: Your name here, Your name here


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