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Table Topics: Free Software for Non Profits

Western PA Linux User Group will hold a "Table Topics" meeting on Tuesday, Feburary 9, 2011 from 6:30pm to 8:00pm at Panera Bread on Centre Ave. The topic will be "Free Software for Non Profits" The meeting facilitator will be Beth Lynn Eicher.

"Table Topics" meetings are a relaxed environment where we discuss current Linux and Free Software issues. A facilitator picks a topic and prepares questions for those gathered to generate conversation. New Linux users and the curious are encouraged to attend.

We will have two guests of honor for this discussion:

  • Johnny Qwalick of Goodwill - Johnny builds Ubuntu systems for sale at the local retail store
  • Dave Sevik of - Dave deploys Macs with Open Office variant, NeoOffice, to local schools and beyond

Computer enthusiasts who have the time, talents, and spare hardware often wonder "How can I use my resources to help?"

Non-profits that lack sufficient resources could benefit from refurbished computers and Free Software.

How do we, as individuals, help bridge that digital divide?

Is there anything that we, as a user group, can do to support a deployment of a Free Software lab in a non-profit who can benefit from it most?

Discuss this topic now!

Here you are encouraged to begin the discussion by posting articles supporting the topic.

I was inquiring about the new fork of OpenOffice: Libre Office if that could be discussed? It doesn't appear to have been added to the Ubuntu repositories.