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The Annual WPLUG Open Source picnic will be held on Sunday, August 29 from 1PM until 5PM at Snyder Park in Whitehall.

We will ask everyone to contribute to the success of the this picnic.

Setup Crew[edit]

The setup crew will show up around noon to hang signs, decorate the grounds, put table cloths down, put ice in the coolers, establish a place for trash and recycle-able materials, light grill, supply restrooms with soap and paper products.

Sign-up here for setup crew:

  • Your Name Here

Cleanup Crew[edit]

The cleanup crew will be present around 4:30PM to safely close the grill, deal with remaining food, manage trash, and lockup restrooms.

Sign-up here for cleanup crew:

Food & Beverage[edit]

We will need prepared foods, snacks, deserts, non-alcoholic beverages, grilling meat and veggie patties, and condiments. Please note there will not be electricity at the picnic grounds.

Sign-up here with the name of your dish and your name:

  • Chips and Pop (if you have favorites, list them here!) - your name
  • juice and cups, Susan Rose
  • Hot dogs/rolls, 8pac veggie dogs, 4 (can be split for 8) Italian turkey sausages, 18 buns-Judi G
  • Hamburgers/buns, your name
  • Ketchup/mustard/relish, your name
  • not-quite-goulash, Beth Lynn Eicher
  • Potato salad, Vance Kochenderfer
  • Hummus platter Susan Rose
  • your dish, your name


This is stuff that is needed just because you are picnicing. These items are grills, coolers, ice, plates, cups, flatware, tablecloths, extra chairs, napkins, and paper towels.

Sign-up here with the incidental you are bringing and your name:

  • Charcoal grill and charcoal, Vance Kochenderfer
  • Charcoal grill (WPLUG's), Beth Lynn Eicher
  • Cooler, your name
  • Large Cooler (WPLUG's), Vance Kochenderfer
  • Napkins and utensils, your name
  • Incidental, 2 camp chairs, Judi G
  • Incidental, 3 rolls of paper towels and 2 bars of soap, Beth Lynn Eicher
  • Incidental, hand sanitizer, bug spray-judi g
  • 2 patio chairs, Vance Kochenderfer


This area is wide open. You plan an activity for the picnic guests.

In the past members have brought card games and legos.

There is a basketball court and a baseball field at the picnic ground. Sporting equipment is welcome.

There is cold water available at the picnic grounds. Water toys are welcome.

You may bring a music player for audio entertainment but it must run on batteries. There will be no electricity.

There will be no computers. This is a picnic.

Sign-up here to organize entertainment:

  • Your Name here, what kind of activity, the time frame you want to do this activity