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IBM's Pittsburgh facility is located in Downtown Pittsburgh at 11 Stanwix Street, at the intersection of Stanwix Street and Fort Pitt Boulevard. This Google Map will give you the place, or plug the address: 11 Stanwix Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222 into your favorite mapping site. The 11 Stanwix Street facility was previously known as the Westinghouse Building; long ago, it served as Westinghouse's corporate headquarters.

For security reasons, there are no signs that say "IBM" anywhere on the outside of the building. There is a large, rotating "Brunner" sign on the corner of the building at Stanwix and Fort Pitt. There is also a "First Niagara" sign on the lower part of the building visible from the street, and a much larger "First Niagara" sign mounted halfway up the building which is visible from I-376 East as you approach the building coming out of the Fort Pitt Tunnel.

Transit Info[edit]

Downtown Pittsburgh is accessible to most Port Authority transit routes.


On street parking is available in the area, and is generally not difficult on Saturday afternoons. Parking may be available on Stanwix Street between the Boulevard of the Allies and Fort Pitt Boulevard, on the Boulevard of the Allies between Commonwealth Place and Stanwix Street, or on Commonwealth Place between Fort Pitt Boulevard and the Boulevard of the Allies.

There is a parking garage available at the 11 Stanwix Street facility, but it is generally not open for public parking on weekends. It is occasionally open on Saturdays (even if the "Garage Closed" sign is displayed), but this is not guaranteed. If the garage is open, you may drive up to the gate and take a ticket from the ticket machine at the gate. If the garage is not open, the ticket machine will not issue a ticket (instead displaying a message reading "Station Occupied" and/or "Out Of Order"), and you would have to back out from the gate, back on to the street. Public parking, if available, costs a flat rate of $5.00 on weekends, regardless of how long you are in the garage. If you do use the parking garage, you should be aware that most of the interior lights in the garage are on a timer, and are turned off outside of normal business hours, so the parking garage will be fairly dark.

Access to the building[edit]

11 Stanwix is a secure facility, and on weekends it is only possible to enter at the main lobby entrance from the upper patio. From the street, take the stairs to the upper patio and enter the main lobby. If the parking garage is open and you park there, you can take the parking garage elevator to the 1st floor to access the lobby. All visitors must sign in at the security desk; if the security guard inquires, advise him/her that you are attending a meeting at IBM on the 9th floor.

Access to the meeting location[edit]

IBM is located on the 9th floor of the 11 Stanwix Street facility.

Facing the security desk, proceed to the elevator bank to your left, which accesses floors 1 through 12. 11 Stanwix has a somewhat unusual elevator system; the elevator panel does not use "up" and "down" buttons. There is a numeric keypad on which you must enter the floor you are going to. On the keypad, press "9"; the panel will display which elevator car (the cars are labelled "A" through "F") will be taking you to your floor. Go to the car that is indicated, and enter when the doors open.

IBM's space on the 9th floor is also secure. When you arrive on the 9th floor, signs will be posted to indicate how to get access to the meeting room.

Wireless Internet access[edit]

IBM provides a "guest wireless" system which allows guests to access the Internet. However, if you plan to use wireless Internet at the meeting location, you must inform the host of the meeting in advance. Each guest wireless user must be individually registered in advance with their name and e-mail address. It may not be possible for the meeting host to register you for wireless Internet access "on the spot", as these registrations take some time to process. At the moment, advance registration for wireless access is not required.