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A second round of balloting is necessary to complete the election begun at the October 4, 2008 annual meeting of the Western Pennsylvania Linux Users Group. Four individuals were elected to the Board of Directors at that meeting, but the fifth seat was not filled.

The purpose of this ballot is to fill the one remaining seat. Four of the members nominated were elected: Mathieu Dube, Vance Kochenderfer, David Kraus, and Michael Semcheski. One additional nominee who appeared on the previous ballot, Bill Moran, has withdrawn and no longer wishes to be listed.

This second ballot, therefore, consists entirely of write-in spaces. While there are no formal nominees, members Brian Seklecki and Robert Turley have expressed their interest in being write-in candidates. You may vote for either or both of these by writing their names in the space provided and giving each a numerical rating as described in the ballot instructions. Writing in both names, then assigning ratings according to your preference, will help ensure that someone is elected.

If no one is elected at the November meeting, then a third round of balloting will be needed. By filling out your ballot correctly, and by listing all those individuals whom you think would adequately serve on the Board, you can help ensure that a final result is obtained at the November meeting.

The meeting begins on Saturday, November 22, 2008 at 10:00 AM at the Wilkins School Community Center, and the polls will close shortly after the meeting starts. You may send your ballot in by mail or bring it in person. Either way, your ballot must be received before the polls close in order to be counted.

The ballot for this election will be available shortly. Detailed instructions for voting are given at Election Instructions.

Again, those who have declared interest in being elected as write-ins are (in alphabetical order):

  • Brian Seklecki
  • Robert Turley

Note that you may write in other names, but only persons who are members on November 22, 2008 may be elected.